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 Asia - India

Graphics Card

 2x NVIDIA A100 GPUs

Local Storage

 3000 GB NVMe SSD


 64 threads of the AMD EPYC 7542 CPU


 240 GB


(Both virtual machines and bare metal servers have all resources dedicated, but virtual machines might be allocated a limited number of ports on an IPv4 address due to sharing)
 Bare Metal

HDMI Dummy Monitor Availability

Some cloud gaming applications require an HDMI dummy plug (e.g. Parsec).
  Not available

Fair-Share Network Port

Excessive usage will result in rate limiting
 1 gbps

Weekly Price

 $800 (0% discount)

Monthly Price

 $2,125 (38% discount)

Quarterly Price

 $5,925 (43% discount)

Yearly Price

 $21,000 (49% discount)

Available Operating System

Ubuntu 18

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